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Ten cuidado con lo que pides. Ten cuidado por lo que siembras. Pon cuidado en ello. Trae tu fe y confianza hacia aquello por lo que estas sembrando. Empieza a actuar como si ya esta en camino hacia ti — toma las acciones que representen ese reclamo.
— John Morton, DSS
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Paul Kaye and Nick Segal were recently interviewed about the principles and practice of tithing on NPR's "Marketplace" radio show by reporter Cash Peters. Peters found MSIA's tithing.org website and followed up with Paul Kaye, and then chatted with Nick Segal after seeing him on MSIA's GPTV.

As part of the report, Peters tested out tithing and reports his results as well. You can listen to this 5 minute upbeat, amusing, and ultimately profound story by going here and clicking on the smaller orange button at center that says "LISTEN TO THIS STORY."